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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Basketball Team end of Season Еrip

Trip #1:

A youth basketball team in Downey wants to reward its players with a fun end-of-season trip to Disneyland. There are 12 players plus coaches, for a total of 15 passengers. The coach books a one-day rental of a luxury 20-passenger minibus to drive the 45 miles from Downey to Disneyland. He chooses a Saturday in May to avoid crowds. The total one-day rental price is $950. This covers pickup in Downey at 8 AM, drop off at Disneyland at park opening, and return pickup at Disneyland at 8 PM when the park closes. It includes 300 miles total. With the luxury minibus, the per passenger cost works out to just $63 for the day. The coach adds an 18% tip for the charter bus team, bringing his total to $1,121. His players have a blast at Disneyland and get home safely thanks to the minibus.

Organizing a Trip to Visit Colleges

Trip #2:

A local non-profit in Downey is organizing a trip for underprivileged youth to visit colleges in Northern California. The organization wants to take 30 students on a 3 day trip, traveling from Downey up to UC Berkeley, Stanford, and San Jose State University. They decide to rent a luxury 56 passenger charter bus from Charter Bus Company Downey to handle the long distance travel and keep the kids comfortable and entertained. Charter Bus Company Downey provides a quote for a 3 day rental of one of their newest luxury buses, including pickup and drop off in Downey. The total quote comes out to $9,800, which covers all fees, insurance, taxes, and even a 10% team tip. That breaks down to just $327 per student for transportation, accommodations, and amazing memories. The non-profit happily accepts the quote, knowing they are getting phenomenal service and value.

Three Day Trip to Yosemite National Park

Trip #3:

A youth group from a church in Downey wants to take a 3-day trip to Yosemite National Park. They plan to depart on a Friday morning and return Sunday evening. There are 25 people in the group, so they decide to book a 25-passenger charter bus. The total mileage for the round trip is 700 miles. At a rate of $1.75 per mile plus $100 per day, the total cost for their Downey to Yosemite charter bus rental comes out to $1,525. They also decide to add a 10% tip for their exceptional team, making the grand total $1,677.50. The youth group coordinator is thrilled that the per person cost worked out to just $67, making this adventurous Yosemite weekend trip very affordable for the families involved. Our charter bus company made the quote process quick and easy online, and provided a top-notch bus and great service.

Elementary School Trip to Disneyland

Trip #4:

A local elementary school in Downey is planning an end-of-year trip for the 5th grade class to Disneyland. There are 60 students in the 5th grade along with 10 parent chaperones and 4 teachers, so they decide to book a 56 passenger charter bus for the trip. The school books the bus for a full day starting at 7 AM when the bus picks them up from the school parking lot. It will take them on the 90 minute drive to Anaheim, give them a full day to explore Disneyland, and then drive them back to Downey, getting them home around 8 PM. For the 12 hours of service plus the 180 mile roundtrip distance, the total quote comes out to $2,600. While not cheap, when divided across the 74 passengers, it comes out to only $35 per person for a full day of safe, comfortable transportation to Disneyland and back. The school happily tips the team 10% for a total of $2,860.

Transportation for Teenagers and Adult Chaperones

Trip #5:

A youth group from Downey is planning a weekend retreat in Big Bear Lake. Their leader wants to arrange hassle-free transportation for the 32 teenagers and adult chaperones. She decides to book a charter bus rental with us for the round trip from Downey to Big Bear Lake. We provide a quote for a 56-passenger coach bus to accommodate the group. The total driving distance is 140 miles round trip. We estimate the duration to be about 5 hours total. Based on these details, our online pricing tool generates a quote of $1,450 for the coach rental. This covers the bus, team, fuel, mileage, and taxes. It comes out to only $45 per person – an affordable price for the convenience and fun of traveling together. The youth group leader happily books the trip, knowing the teens will have a blast on their weekend adventure without having to worry about driving or logistics.

Instant Prices via Text & Email Available - Click Here